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Bailey Jakob

5 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Bitcoiners

The buzz surrounding Bitcoin is hard to ignore. It has not only taken the financial world by storm, but has also broke into popular culture too. Among its growing fan base are celebrities - the trendsetters of society. While some celebrities openly express their interest, others operate more subtly, yet...

Bailey Jakob

The Bitcoin Pitch: Top 5 Selling Points

Bitcoin, the pioneer in digital currencies, continues to defy skeptics and redefine the nature of monetary transactions. As the first (and best) digital currency, Bitcoin has weathered a decade of ups and downs, constantly pushing the boundaries of the financial landscape and emerging as powerful leader. Here are the top...

Bailey Jakob

5 Ways To Use Bitcoin's Lightning Network

Bitcoin ignited a new era in the financial world when it was introduced in 2009. However, it soon became evident that the technology had its limitations, with scalability and slow transaction speeds topping the list. The Bitcoin Lightning Network, a second-layer protocol, emerged as a promising solution to these issues,...

Bailey Jakob

5 More Bitcoiners To Follow On The Blue Bird App

In a previous post, we looked at 10 Bitcoin Maxis to follow on Twitter - this list included 10 Bitcoiner "celebrities", which are definitely a must to follow. However, today's BitByte article is going to look at 5 more Bitcoiners to follow on Twitter, that aren't so high-profile but still...

Bailey Jakob

5 Must-See Bitcoin Movies

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the leader of the digital revolution. As the pioneer of this new-age currency, Bitcoin has not only disrupted the financial sector but has also captivated the imagination of filmmakers. Over the past few years, several movies have explored the world of Bitcoin and the underlying technology, blockchain....

Bailey Jakob

5 Bitcoin-Only YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To

In the realm of digital assets, Bitcoin has undoubtedly been the trailblazer and the most widely recognized player in the market. As the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to expand and mature, so too does the information landscape that surrounds it. With a plethora of resources available for learning about Bitcoin, YouTube...

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