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Bailey Jakob

21 Things Bitcoiners Do That You Should Too

🎉Today marks the 100th article that I have written for BitByte! And is the 120th total article. Wow. How quickly the time has gone by. So, let's make today's article special! Bitcoiners or Bitcoin Maximalists, as they're often called, are believers in the ultimate potential of Bitcoin, the first and...

Bailey Jakob

Ark: Overview Of An Alternative Second-Layer Solution For Bitcoin

Ark, a groundbreaking second-layer protocol, is making waves in the world of Bitcoin by proposing an alternative scaling solution. Unlike other protocols, Ark addresses three main challenges: liquidity constraints, interactivity requirements, and the direct link between senders and receivers. This innovative design allows recipients to get paid without setting up...

Bailey Jakob

The Bitcoin Pitch: Top 5 Selling Points

Bitcoin, the pioneer in digital currencies, continues to defy skeptics and redefine the nature of monetary transactions. As the first (and best) digital currency, Bitcoin has weathered a decade of ups and downs, constantly pushing the boundaries of the financial landscape and emerging as powerful leader. Here are the top...

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