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Satoshi, D.N.C.

Anarcho-Capitalism: A Deep Dive

It is hard for a Bitcoiner to refrain from getting excited about the surprise win of Javier Milei in Argentina’s presidential election, because he seems to espouse many of the values that Bitcoin embodies. On the other hand, it is hard not to be skeptical of any political figure’...

Satoshi, D.N.C.

Redistribution of Wealth: Present and Future

The function of money is to change hands, but if it always changes hands in the same direction, eventually one party becomes poor and the other rich. A family that spends money also needs to earn money for its own economy, and this same principle applies on all scales: whole...

Bailey Jakob

From Seashells to Bitcoin: The Evolution of Money

Money, a medium of exchange that has facilitated trade and spurred economic development, has undergone multiple transformations throughout human history. From rudimentary forms of money like seashells to the technologically advanced and superior Bitcoin. The evolution of money throughout history is an intriguing story of human progress, societal needs, and...

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