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Bailey Jakob

5 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Bitcoiners

The buzz surrounding Bitcoin is hard to ignore. It has not only taken the financial world by storm, but has also broke into popular culture too. Among its growing fan base are celebrities - the trendsetters of society. While some celebrities openly express their interest, others operate more subtly, yet...

Bailey Jakob

21 Things Bitcoiners Do That You Should Too

🎉Today marks the 100th article that I have written for BitByte! And is the 120th total article. Wow. How quickly the time has gone by. So, let's make today's article special! Bitcoiners or Bitcoin Maximalists, as they're often called, are believers in the ultimate potential of Bitcoin, the first and...

Bailey Jakob

Bitcoin Is Boring

It's hard to believe it, but yes, you read that right, Bitcoin is boring - and that's a good thing! Bitcoin, the trailblazer of the crypto-world, the key player that is sparking an ongoing financial revolution, is considered "boring" and we should celebrate that! In a time where new altcoins...

Kaden Thayer

Building the Future of AI with Lightning and Bitcoin Integration

Introducing new developer tools that bridge the gap between Lightning Network, AI, and Bitcoin, enabling global, inclusive, and cost-effective LLM (Large Language Model) tooling. These tools utilize the L402 protocol, Langchain library, and Aperture reverse proxy server to empower developers in creating advanced AI agents and seamless integration with Lightning...

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