As you get older, your priorities begin to shift.

There are many things we value as humans. Love, Belonging, Property, Safety, etc.. As we live our lives, these valuable items ebb and flow. Sometimes life is good, and other times challenging. At some point in our lives, we have the ability to find and fill our basket of value.

There is one thing we value as adults that the majority of us want back.

We can't make more of it.

We can't stop it, and most of us would trade anything for it.


Just Never Enough

According to a 2016 Pew Survey, 60% of working parents reported always feeling rushed.

In another similar survey, a whopping 80% of adults wished that they had more time to spend with friends and family.

With all the self-help books and time-saving apps, Pinterest pins, and time management blogs, shouldn't we have more free time? I thought that technology was supposed to make our lives easier and offer us so much more time for things in our lives that we value?

With all these tools at our disposal for saving this precious resource, there must be something that is sapping away all our time and energy.

Something is counteracting all these time-saving strategies and it is winning.

Time is Money

Time and money are both items people value in this world. But as items that hold value, they are far from equal.

Time is (at least here on planet Earth) an unchanging force. We can and do expect time to continue its steady plodding path into the future. It is a fully known entity and unwavering in its execution.

If time is unchanging and known, then money would be the antithesis of time. Our worldwide fiat system of money is always changing, is never fully known, and wavers in many boom and bust cycles through its execution.

So what is this force that is counteracting all the time-saving tools we have? It doesn't originate from time. We already established that time is an unchanging force, constant and steady.

The answer can be found in the money. Our fiat money contains a necessary evil in which it needs to survive.



The byproduct of our cost of living traveling in an exponential upward trend is more time spent working. One working family member is no longer the norm as it was in 1963. In 2023, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 65% of households with children are now two-income families. For working families trying to make ends meet, their work situation is now the majority.

We are constantly stuck chasing a target that is moving faster away from us than we can travel.

That is where our time is going. Into a race that we cannot win.

When we see a chart like this above from 1963, something in our head says "Well, obviously things cost less back then..." But think to yourself, why is that? Why is this actually happening?

Why is it with our advanced technology, efficiencies in production and procurement of resources, that the cost of goods and services continues to rise?

Jeff Booth, author of The Price of Tomorrow and general partner of the Bitcoin VC Group EgoDeath Capital, asks this critical question and provides an answer.

"Advancing technology is making that theft impossible to ignore."

I would argue that Bitcoin is the pinnacle technology that Jeff alludes to. A technology that shines a bright spotlight on the issue of inflation. An issue that is so commonplace in our financial system and a part of our lives, that we can't even identify inflation as the source of our time problem. It is so ingrained as a part of our financial worldview.

There is another way.

Bitcoin is a beacon, shedding light on the shadowy works of inflation and making it impossible to ignore.

Inflation Steals, Bitcoin Gives Back

When looking at Bitcoin as purely a monetary asset, we have discussed how it is a closed thermodynamically sound system HERE. In contrast, fiat money is an energy-leaking, time-stealing, unsound system.

When comparing the dollar, pound, yen, yuan, and euro in relation to Bitcoin, one thing is clear.

They all trend toward zero.

This is both surprising and not.

At the most fundamental level, Bitcoin is a brand new technology that offers people the option to not have their value stolen. As a closed system that transfers physical energy in watts into digital value whose supply cannot be inflated, it is the ultimate store of value.

Bitcoin, as a closed system, will continue to increase in value against open systems, forever.

Bitcoin gives you back your most valuable asset of them all.


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