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Orange Pill'd is a captivating exploration of the human experience in the digital age. This powerful anthology brings together over 250 personal stories from around the globe, revealing the transformative impact of the world's most revolutionary digital currency, Bitcoin.

From tales of financial freedom and empowerment, to accounts of challenges and personal growth, Orange Pill'd takes you on a journey through the lives of individuals who have been forever changed by their encounters with Bitcoin. Each story is presented on a single page, accompanied by a hand-drawn illustration that adds an intimate, diary-like feel to the collection.

Discover how Bitcoin has sparked a global movement, uniting people from diverse backgrounds and experiences in their quest for a more decentralized, transparent, and equitable financial system. With a mix of inspiring, heartwarming, and thought-provoking stories, Orange Pill'd offers a unique window into the hearts and minds of those who have dared to embrace the promise of a better future.

Whether you are a seasoned Bitcoin enthusiast or a complete beginner, Orange Pill'd invites you to delve into the personal narratives that define this groundbreaking movement and to share in the triumphs, challenges, and dreams of those who have been Orange Pill'd.

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Orange Pill’d Book
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My Orange Pill'd Story

I first became aware of Bitcoin in 2013, but had no interest until later in 2015, when I was 17 years old and a group of mates and myself decided to buy this internet money thing that everyone was raving on about.

I remember first buying $50 worth of Bitcoin back then on CoinJar, still with absolutely no real knowledge about what the heck Bitcoin was and what it did. I didn't see it as a currency, or an investment, or something that would revolutionise the world I would be living my adult life in. To me, back then, Bitcoin was a fun novelty, and at best, a cool digital collectable that a bunch of people around the world were becoming millionaires off.

Present me obviously wishes that 17-year-old Bailey would have been smart enough to look a little deeper and have my Orange Pill'd moment then, but unfortunately, 17-year-old Bailey was an idiot and too pre-occupied with girls, skateboards, and socialising with friends.

I continued buying more Bitcoin over the next 2 years and in 2017 (in classic teenage-Bailey style), sold all my precious Bitcoin to buy a new outfit for a date with a girl, and to fund the date. I'd love to say this was worth it because I ended up marrying that girl, but I'm pretty sure my Bitcoin only bought me a couple more dates before not progressing any further.

When I was 18, I moved out of home, in a small country town in South Australia, and relocated to "the big city" to study psychology at university. During this time, I was studying, working full-time at McDonalds, and living in a share-house with 6 other people (the absolute dream for a freshly 18-year-old from the country).

During this time, between 2016-2020, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies were more commonplace, and I had a bit more of a fundamental understanding on what this new concept was. Around this time, I dove pretty deep into trading Altcoins (mostly Ethereum, Cardano, Zilliqa, and pretty much anything with a dog as the mascot).

For me during this time, the thought of becoming rich quickly from buying some random Crypto coin at IPO and selling it when my stack was millions of dollars was my dream.

I honestly was convinced that I would become a multi-millionaire from this, unfortunately, I was not as crypto-savvy as I thought and never made my millions back then.

However, I did make some decent returns back then from Altcoins, not millions, but a few thousand dollars here and there. I think the most I ever made was $20,000 from some random shitcoin, which for a broke student working minimum wage at McDonalds at the time, seemed like life-changing money.

It was almost my entire annual income at the time. Unfortunately, still not very wise yet, I lost virtually all of that $20,000 by making even riskier trades, thinking I was some unstoppable pro crypto trader. After this, I lost all motivation for cryptocurrencies and stopped all together.

It wasn't until 2020 that I returned to the space, this time a little bit wiser and with some real-world life experience under my belt. I had completed university, moved into a nicer house with only 1 housemate this time, and had just begun my first online business, which was doing extremely well. I came across some article online about Bitcoin's wild bull run in 2020, and after first buying Bitcoin when it was $300 a coin, to now it being worth more than $20,000 blew me away.

After getting over my frustration for not HODLing those past 3 years, I realised that I missed some key aspect of Bitcoin and needed to revisit it. So, I spent some time actually diving into Bitcoin - it's history, how it was created, who created it, why it was created, its features, and its potential use-cases. After this, I was instantly Orange Pill'd. I realised just how powerful and historically unique Bitcoin is; it all began to make sense, and I had a very real "ah-ha!" moment. Following this, I couldn't stop reading about Bitcoin, learning more, and telling absolutely everybody I knew about it.

During 2020, I began buying as much Bitcoin as I could. I sold every random item I owned and didn't need, just to buy more of it. Only a few months before I had spent every last cent, I had to buy my first house, and I was so annoyed that I, again, missed the opportunity to go all in on Bitcoin. After that, I vowed to focus on Bitcoin and try to accumulate as much as I could.

Skip ahead to 2021, I had just spent a large amount of money to buy a business, in the hopes of it being a money printer to then go and buy more Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, I was still relatively young and early in my entrepreneurship journey, and was blinded by my naive, and reckless ambitions, and this business went bust within 6 months of me owning it, burning a pretty big hole in my pocket, and the first time I had some real-adult sized debt to repay.

I was disheartened by my business failure, and it kicked me back to having to go back working a 9-5 job. This was honestly probably one of the darker times in my life so far. I was working as a Mortgage Broker, which was work I enjoyed and was really good at.

But I hated working an office job, with a boss, and manager, and stupid KPI's and team meetings. I simply hated that I knew I was working my ass off to make the business owner an ungodly amount of money, while I was rewarded with the minimum for my efforts.

Terrified of ever taking a risk again and failing, I submitted to the lifestyle I had at that time. I had accepted that I was not destined to be some great and successful entrepreneur or millionaire and came to the reality that this is what reality actually is for 99% of adults - to work a job, 5 days a week, 40 hours a week, until I was 65, with 4 weeks leave a year.

Every fibre of my body felt like there is no way this is what the rest of my life is, and any new business idea I would daydream about and write down in the notes app on my phone, was quickly silenced by my immense fear of ever taking a bold risk to try and escape this endless rat-race. At this point, I had a girlfriend, a mortgage, a car loan, credit card debts, and failed-business loan debts, which were all taking 90% of my income - there is absolutely no way I can ever make any risk like that again.

Thankfully, I was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Because of the effects the pandemic had on materials for timber, and with the Australian government handing out massive grant money for new home buyers, the market was absolutely flooded, and to buy or build a home became near impossible for most people. To my benefit, this rapidly increased the value of existing properties to 30-40% in my area.

So, I booked in a meeting with a local real estate agency, who were begging for new clients. I initially met with them to see how much I could rent my property for, in the hopes that this extra income would not only offset my mortgage repayments but would put a bit more money into my pocket to then pay off my debts quicker.

However, while meeting with them at the property, they told me the potential rental income I could receive (which was nearly double my monthly mortgage repayments), and then they asked me if I have ever considered selling the property. I had never considered it, but I was intrigued to know how much I could get and asked them for a valuation.

A few days later, they got back to me with a figure that was beyond what I even thought was the possible price. I spent that weekend doing the calculations, comparing both options, and came to the conclusion that selling was the optimal financial decision. So, I listed the property for sale and the interest from buyers went wild. After barely 2 weeks, I had 5 different buyers in a bidding war for the house, and it eventually sold, for 20% more than the, already inflated, listing price.

After paying off my mortgage, my credit card debts, and my business-loan debts, I was still left with a healthy amount of change. Initially, I told myself that this was a rare and lucky opportunity for me, and that I should put all of this money into a safe 4% p.a. term deposit with my bank, continue working my 9-5 and continue life like I know I should - the safe path.

But that burning desire I have always had since a child to take a risk, put it all on the line and try my luck at once and for all getting out of life's rate-race quickly became a louder and louder voice in my head.

During this time, I had stopped buying Bitcoin regularly, and had sold all the Bitcoin that I had already accumulate to cover previous debts. I was still very much interested in Bitcoin, was constantly learning more about it - but unable to ever buy any, until that moment. I pondered the idea of spending the house sale profits on buying Bitcoin, and I tossed and turned about this for a few weeks.

I was aware of the deep conviction I had for Bitcoin and its potential future value, but at the same time, I had doubts about my beliefs about this less safe and untraditional, risky investment. Bitcoin was once over $60,000 a coin, and at the time, was barely $17K. Every crypto guru online was sharing their expertise and deep professional analysis on why Bitcoin would drop to $10K, $5K, $0 in the next year. They were the self-declared experts, and I was some random 24-year-old, Australian Mortgage Broker. But, thankfully, after weeks of deep thinking and reflection, I came to my own conclusion that if I truly believe what I say that I believe about Bitcoin, it's potential impact on the world, and what I estimated was a fair-value price for it, then I need to step out of my comfort-zone, take one final risk, and put my money where my heart was.

So, in December 2022, I took the plunge, and put 100% of the profits I made from my house sale straight into Bitcoin. It was terrifying. Had the process of moving it from cold storage to an exchange and then to my bank account not been slightly difficult and inconvenient, I probably would have cashed out a week later.

I am not exaggerating when I say I checked Bitcoin's price chart religiously every hour after that. It was tormenting to be honest, especially when the price would drop by $200, $500, $1,000. But then, the price of Bitcoin began to show signs of a small bull run, and I had finally seen confirmation that I made the correct call.

At the same time, I was sketching out ideas for a brand-new Bitcoin business I wanted to launch, a premium Bitcoin apparel brand called Mr. Satoshi. After conducting some market research, I was amazed to see such a huge gap within the Bitcoin apparel market - there was absolutely no premium Bitcoin clothing brands out there.

I could not find a single online store that was selling Bitcoin apparel that was made from actual high-quality materials, or with more premium and minimalistic designs that didn't scream "BITCOIN".

Re-energised with a bit more confidence in my abilities and decisions, I once again, stepped into the unknown, quit my $130,000 a year Mortgage Broking job, and on January 5th, 2023, officially launched mrsatoshi.com - Another risky and terrifying decision that has, thus far, proved to be the right call.

Within 6 months after then, the Bitcoin community seemed to agree with the product offering gap I had seen back in December, and Mr. Satoshi quickly became the fastest growing online Bitcoin apparel store and continues to kick new goals.

Now confirmed in my abilities, knowledge, and with some both positive and negative life-experience, in 2023, I also launched BitByte - a site for daily, bite-sized Bitcoin articles, and then quickly after, I launched The Bitcoin Legacy Project - the most comprehensive timeline of significant Bitcoin events from inception to today. Now, I am eagerly pursuing my dream of becoming a leading Bitcoin-based author, beginning with my first book, the one you're holding - Orange Pill'd.

As well as running my other various Bitcoin businesses and projects, moving forward from the end of 2023, my focus is on writing Bitcoin books. I currently have solid outlines for at least 5 book ideas, and am currently 60% done writing my next book, which unlike Orange Pill'd, is 100% written by me.

I am beyond excited for this and am uncontrollably focused and motivated in this new chapter of my life. Every day, I spend a few hours writing and chipping away at my next book, which I hope to launch at the end of 2023 or early 2024, so definitely look out for any announcements around that!

So yeah, there you go, that is my long ass Orange Pill'd story. I could have probably condensed it a tad, but this book is a collection of 250 Orange Pill stories from other Bitcoiners around the world, and this chapter is one of the only parts solely written by me, so I thought it best to make it somewhat memorable.

If there is anything to take away from my own Orange Pill'd story, it is to firstly chase after every goddamn dream and goal you have in life! And if you fail, get up, brush yourself off, put your ego and fear aside and give it another ago. Start that business, launch that book, song, or podcast. And if you fail after that, rinse and repeat until you get it right, because it only needs to work 1 time for you to realise your goals. Chase and seize every opportunity you get, because the worst thing you can do is fail and stay exactly where you are now. Best case scenario, your idea works, and you achieve all that you set out to achieve. You're only on this rotating ball of rock once, so take the plunge and go for that dream.

Secondly, another lesson is to trust your damn gut! Your intuition is one of the strongest things you have.

If you believe in something, pursue it with everything you've got. Only you know what you know and if you have a deep conviction on something, no matter how wild or unorthodox, trust your gut and run with it! There is a reason why you believe in it so deeply - trust your convictions!

Finally, the third, and most important lesson from my personal Orange Pill'd story, which I hope you took away from it - IS TO GO AND BUY BITCOIN IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT!!! Seriously, if you have the same unwavering belief in this once-in-a-lifetime revolutionary technology, do absolutely everything you humanly can to accumulate as much of it!

There will only ever exist 21 million of them, and a decent chunk of those 21 million are lost forever, so take advantage of this rare opportunity you have to be part of a global financial revolution, and the largest shift in global currencies that we will ever see in our lifetimes (and probably our children's lifetimes too). Use your unique talents and abilities to power this movement further, Orange Pill every person you know, and be a driving force within the Bitcoin community.

In closing, stack Sats and stay humble Bitcoiner!

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