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Happy Sunday Bitcoiners!

Today marks the end of our first week here at BitByte, and it has been an absolute success, so thank you all so much!

BitByte launched 5 days ago, and in our first 48-hours, we gained more than 100 Twitter followers, which has since increased rapidly to 400+

We now also have more than 325 daily newsletter subscribers!

During our first week, BitByte added some amazing features as well, in order to further improve and expand our website:

On Feb 28, we made it possible to view and read BitByte content in 132 different languages! Allowing Bitcoin education to reach every corner of the world.

Then on March 3, we added a comment and reaction section to all of our posts, so that all BitByte subscribers can engage with us and discuss Bitcoin with the wider community.

So, if you are a BitByte subscriber, jump onto your favorite post & leave a reaction + comment. Let us know your thoughts and questions on our articles, we will be replying to them all.

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This week, we posted 6 new articles, here is a short summary of them all:

We launched BitByte with our first article on Bitcoin Lightning, and the way this new technology is revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency industry.

The Lightning Revolution: How Bitcoin Lightning is Reshaping Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade now, and Bitcoin is undoubtedly the king of the crypto world. However, despite its dominance, Bitcoin has struggled with scalability issues that have hindered its adoption as a widely-used payment system. Transactions on the Bitcoin network can tak…

Then, we explored the likelihood of a Government ban on Bitcoin, and how the fundamental technology behind Bitcoin makes it resistant to any state, country, or global ban.

Could Bitcoin Ever Be Banned?
As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, governments and regulators around the world are increasingly examining whether or not it is possible to ban the use of Bitcoin. The question of whether or not Bitcoin can be banned is a complex one, with numerous factors to consider. In today’s article,

The next day, we spoke about Bitcoin's Halving events and how significant these are to those invested in Bitcoin, as well as the effects it has on the entire Cryptocurrency industry.

The Halving Effect: Exploring the Significance of the Bitcoin Halving
Bitcoin, the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency, has one of the most advanced and unique monetary policies. Unlike traditional currencies, which are controlled by central banks and governments, Bitcoin is decentralized and its supply is limited. This is achieved through a process known…

After this, we posted our article on why you are not late buying Bitcoin in 2023.

You Are Not Late: Buying Bitcoin In 2023
Investing in Bitcoin now does not mean you are late. In fact, you are still so early. Over the years, Bitcoin has evolved into a mainstream investment asset and many people are still hesitant to invest in it, believing that they have already missed the boat. But the reality is

And we then explored deeper into Bitcoin Lightning, going further into the real-world applications of this technology and its influence on global instant payments.

Bitcoin Lightning: The Fast Lane to Instant Payments
Bitcoin Lightning Network is a second-layer protocol that was developed to address some of the challenges that were associated with the Bitcoin blockchain. It was designed to enable faster, cheaper, and more efficient transactions, making it an ideal solution for instant payments between people anyw…

Finally, to finish our first week here at BitByte, we took a deep-dive into one of the precursors to Bitcoin, HashCash, and its creator Adam Back.

The HashCash Hero: Adam Back And His Influence On Bitcoin
Although Bitcoin has become the biggest and most well-known Cryptocurrency in the world today, it was not the first attempt at a decentralized currency or blockchain technology. In fact, there were a number of predecessors to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin. Including DigiCash (1989), E-Gold (1996), B-mo…

And that was week one of BitByte! What an incredible week it has been. We have loved the continuous support and engagement from our subscribers, and love hearing what you liked about our articles.

Below are some of our favorite tweets from our subscribers this week:

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And that's a wrap on the first week of BitByte!

Again, thank you all for subscribing, following, and supporting us in our mission to bring free daily Bitcoin education to all corners of the globe. The success of BitByte in our first week is a testament to the real rapid expansion of Bitcoin adoption, and just how strong the online Bitcoin community is!

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Endless appreciation,

Bailey Jakob, Founder.

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