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Hello fellow Sat Stackers!

And also a huge welcome to all of our new subscribers! The number of new email subscribers has slkyrocketed in the past 12 hours, and theres a reason - which we will tell you about below.

Here is a brief rundown of our posts from this past week:

We begun this week on Bitcoin Pizza Day! So, it only seemed fitting to make a post celebrating a historical milestone in Bitcoin's legacy.

A Slice of Bitcoin History: The 10,000 BTC Pizza Story
📢Psst...if you want to learn more about Bitcoin’s 14-year-long history, head to The Bitcoin Legacy Project - the most comprehensive timeline of significant Bitcoin events that have occurred from pre-inception to today. Okay let’s dive into today’s BitByte article! On May 22, 2010, a Florida man m…

Then, we simply and effectively compared PoW to PoS - examining the key components, differences and use-cases for both. And spoiler alert: PoW is better.

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
Digital currencies have revolutionized the financial landscape, bringing to the front two important consensus mechanisms - Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). Bitcoin, the first and most respected digital currency, uses the PoW model. Many newer cryptocurrencies have moved towards PoS, but…

On Wednesday, we complied a list of the 6 most common mistakes newbies to the Bitcoin relm make, and how you should avoid them.

Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes Most New Bitcoiners Make
Bitcoin has reshaped our understanding of financial systems and what value exchange can be in a digital age. Despite its remarkable popularity, many new fall into several common traps. Here are 6 common mistakes that people new to Bitcoin often make. Mistake #1 - Not Educating Yourself One of the

To celebrate the upcoming launch of my new book Orange Pill'd on July 31, we dedicated a post to 10 free sample pages, all including some motivational and heartwarming Orange Pill stories.

10 Orange Pill’d Stories From Real Bitcoiners Around The World
🤑Be sure to read the whole article, so you don’t miss your chance at winning a share in $3,000 USD! In April, I posted a Tweet asking my followers to submit their Orange Pill story in exchange for 1,000 Sats. I did not mention what the project was

An extrememly popular article this week, and honestly my favorite article that I have ever written on BitByte so far! Here, we dove into 10 practical tips for Orange Pilling your friends, family, and communities effectively. This one is a must read and a must share with your mates!

10 Tips For Orange Pilling Your Friends & Family Effectively
In recent years, the term “orange pilling” has been increasingly used to describe the process of “converting” others to adopt a Bitcoin-only mindset. Bitcoin enthusiasts, who liken Bitcoin’s disruptive potential to the revelation in the movie The Matrix, often use this term to highlight the transfo…

Then, to finish off this week, we have a dousey! Easily the most controversial article ever written on BitByte, and the longest - coming in at a cool 7,082 words (or a 30 minute read).

The below article is an opinion article that I personally felt compelled to write in defence of academic integrity and truth within the Bitcoin community. This article is not a defense of anyone (i.e. Jason Lowery), it is not an attack on anyone either. It is a passionate defense of the most important thing in life - truth and the integrity of a community I would defend every single day.

This article was definitly our most read EVER in BitByte history - racking in a cool 500+ reads in 12 hours and has brought in a wave of new email subscribers.

Thankfully, I have yet to see any public post criticizing this post, and have only seen or been tagged in a flood of positively and support from the community. So thank you all!

Measuring the Ocean’s Depth from the Shore: The Illusion of Insight Without Immersion
Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece. A long one. This article is not a criticism of any arguments or counterarguments made by Lopp or Lowery regarding the contents of Softwar, or the level of truth to any claims in his thesis. This article is entirely about my distaste for Lopp’s approach and the w…

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