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Hellloooo Stackers!

Here is a brief rundown of our posts from this past week:

To begin the week, I shared 15 tips for emerging Bitcoin entrepreneurs. All based from my own personal experiences and lessons I have learned as a business owner for the past 7 years.

15 Tips For Emerging Bitcoin Entrepreneurs That I Wish Somebody Told Me
The world of Bitcoin is an exhilarating frontier, ripe with opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to navigate its volatile landscape. I personally have a 7-year long history of being an entrepreneur and business owner in various industries. In January 2023, I launched Mr. Satoshi, a premium Bitcoi…

Then, we talked about some breaking news this week - Ledger's super controversial recover feature & why it is the worst thing since Bitcoin Cash.

Ledger’s New Recover Feature That “Most Customers Asked For” Gets Backlash From Most Customers
Yesterday, Ledger, a prominent hardware wallet manufacturer, introduced a new and highly controversial feature called “Ledger Recover” to its devices, creating a significant stir within the crypto community . This feature, an opt-in system available on the Ledger Nano, is designed to help users rec…

Following this, and keeping on trend with Ledger's PR nightmare this week. We had a look at 5 actually good hardware wallets that aren't Ledger.

5 Hardware Wallets That Won’t Share Your Seed Phrase With 3rd Party Companies
Ledger, a renowned manufacturer of hardware wallets, recently unveiled a contentious new feature named “Ledger Recover” for its devices, sparking substantial debate within the cryptocurrency community. The said feature, an optional system available on the Ledger Nano, is engineered to assist users…

Then, we had a look at 5 easy and fun wats to use the Lightning Network every day.

5 Ways To Use Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
Bitcoin ignited a new era in the financial world when it was introduced in 2009. However, it soon became evident that the technology had its limitations, with scalability and slow transaction speeds topping the list. The Bitcoin Lightning Network, a second-layer protocol, emerged as a promising solu…

Then, to wrap up the week - we dove into HTLCs and discussed what they are, what they do and why they are important.

What The Heck Are HTLCs?
In the evolving landscape of Bitcoin, new technologies are continuously surfacing that increase its usability and safety. One innovation that stands out is the Hash Time-Locked Contract (HTLC), a unique kind of smart contract that plays an super dooper important role in the security of transactions…

Now, an announcement!!

For an upcoming BitByte article, I am starting this week with 0 Sats and trying to stack as many Sats as I can by this time next week. I will be documenting my progress via a YT video and a BitByte article next Monday.

If you want to help me stack Sats - plssss send any amount of Sats to baileyjakob@walletofsatoshi 🧡⚡️

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