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Happy Sunday Bitcoiner!

Here is a brief rundown of our posts from this past week:

We kicked off the week with a fun article - looking at the five best Bitcoin movie picks for your next Netflix & Chill session

5 Must-See Bitcoin Movies
Bitcoin is undoubtedly the leader of the digital revolution. As the pioneer of this new-age currency, Bitcoin has not only disrupted the financial sector but has also captivated the imagination of filmmakers. Over the past few years, several movies have explored the world of Bitcoin and the underlyi…

Then, we looked into how Bitcoin's Lightning Network is lightning-years ahead of any modern currency system available today.

Lightning Years Ahead: How Bitcoin Lightning Bridges the Gap for Everyday Use
Bitcoin has inspired ordinary people to imagine a future in which digital assets are widely used in everyday transactions. However, Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain has experienced a different reality. Bitcoin’s utility for everyday transactions is constrained by its slow transaction processing times…

Following this, we explored the history of money since the dawn of man. From barter systems, to gold, livestock, fiat, and now Bitcoin.

From Seashells to Bitcoin: The Evolution of Money
Money, a medium of exchange that has facilitated trade and spurred economic development, has undergone multiple transformations throughout human history. From rudimentary forms of money like seashells to the technologically advanced and superior Bitcoin. The evolution of money throughout history is…

Tapping into the more technical aspects of Bitcoin's network - we had a look over the blockchain, Bitcoin's foundation of trustless transactions.

Bitcoin Blockchain: The Foundation of Trustless Transactions
We currently live in an exciting time in history, the digital era - where innovation is a constant. In this digital era, Bitcoin blockchain technology stands out as a transformative force, bringing the world an era of trustless transactions. In today’s BitByte article, we delve into how the Bitcoin…

Then to finish off this week, we had a look at 5 Bitcoiners on Twitter who aren't high-level celebrities, but just everyday Sat Stackers who are a must to follow

5 More Bitcoiners To Follow On The Blue Bird App
In a previous post, we looked at 10 Bitcoin Maxis to follow on Twitter - this list included 10 Bitcoiner “celebrities”, which are definitely a must to follow. However, today’s BitByte article is going to look at 5 more Bitcoiners to follow on Twitter, that aren’t so high-profile but still

Another week in the books!

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