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Happy Sunday Stackers!

Today marks the wrap up on our 1st month here at BitByte! 🎉🎉🎉

This week, we had some great articles released, let's jump straight into this week's ByteBack Weekly Rewind!

This week, we posted 6 new articles, here is a short rundown of them all:

To begin this week, we took a shot at all the FUD surrounding Bitcoin Lightning & debunked 5 common misconceptions.

Beyond the FUD: 5 Bitcoin Lightning Myths Debunked
The Lightning Network is a second-layer solution for Bitcoin designed to enable fast, low-cost transactions. Despite its growing popularity and adoption, several misconceptions persist about the network’s functionality, security, and potential impact on Bitcoin’s decentralized nature. In today’s B…

Then, we dove into the significance of the Lightning Network for businesses & entrepreneurs.

The Bitconomy Boom: Bitcoin Payments Propel Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Over the past decade, Bitcoin has evolved from a niche digital currency to a widely recognized and accepted form of payment. This rapid growth in popularity has not only caught the attention of investors and financial institutions but also small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a decentralized digi…

On Wednesday, we took it back to the basics and explored the ABC's of Bitcoin, outlining all the key info newbies to Bitcoin must know.

The ABC’s of Bitcoin: A Beginner Guide
As digital currencies like Bitcoin gain popularity, more and more people are looking for a simple explanation of how it works and how they can participate in this exciting new world. Today’s BitByte article will provide a beginner-friendly introduction to the concept of Bitcoin, its underlying tech…

Then, in light of the current economic status occurring globally, we explored inflation, what it is, how it affects every day people, and how Bitcoin is the ultimate safe haven against its effects.

Inflation Invasion: Investors Embrace Bitcoin as the Ultimate Safe Haven
Inflation is a phenomenon that has been an ongoing concern for investors for decades. As the cost of goods and services rises, the purchasing power of fiat currencies erodes. To protect their investments, people have traditionally turned to assets such as gold and other commodities to hedge against…

Following this, we took a look back at Bitcoin's history and its continuous success over the years. We also discussed some of the challenges Bitcoin has faced in the past & some of the exciting things to come in the future!

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin: A New Era Of Money
Bitcoin has changed the way we view and engage with financial systems around the world. In recent years, digital currencies have been a hot topic, with Bitcoin at the forefront of this transformation, redefining the concept of digital assets and disrupting traditional financial sectors. Today’s BitB…

To wrap up the first month at BitByte, we looked at traditional Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments, and compared the both, exploring their pros and cons and unique use cases.

Lightning Network vs. Traditional Bitcoin Transactions: A Comparison
Bitcoin has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in 2009. However, one of the most pressing concerns facing the cryptocurrency is its scalability. Traditional Bitcoin transactions have faced issues of slow confirmation times and high transaction fees, particularly during periods of net…

And that is a wrap on the first month of BitByte!

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And that's week 4 done!

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Endless appreciation,

Bailey Jakob, Founder.

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