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Happy Stacker Sunday!

Another Sunday, another Byte-Back Weekly Rewind - let's dive into it!

This week, we posted 6 new articles, here is a brief rundown of them all:

We started this week discussing why Bitcoin was created as a P2P currency, that was meant to be spent - not just hoarded.

Bitcoin Was Created To Be Spent
In recent years, Bitcoin has gained popularity as a form of investment, and rightfully so. However, its potential as a currency is often overlooked. With the increasing digitization of our lives, the need for secure and decentralized payment options has become more apparent. Bitcoin has the potentia…

Then, we looked at 10 Bitcoin-based books that you must own and read! (I am currently reading number 5)

10 Must-Read Bitcoin Books
As Bitcoiners, we strive to expand our knowledge of the decentralized currency when we can. Reading Bitcoin-related books is one of the best ways to increase your understanding of Bitcoin, the current fiat system, and how Bitcoin is a better option as a global currency. Below are 10 popular Bitcoin

On Wednesday, we went back in time and had a look at 14 of Bitcoin's most significant events from every year since 2009!

Back To The Future: A Look At Bitcoin’s 14 Year Legacy
Bitcoin was launched in January 2009, which means it is 14-years-old! Over the past 14 years, there have been some iconic moments, that are worth mentioning. So, in today’s BitByte article, we are going to go back in time & look at 1 key moment from every year in Bitcoin’s history

We then touched on how Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon and what influenced its boost in popularity and price.

The Boost of Bitcoin: How It Became a Global Phenomenon
Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon in a relatively short period of time. What started as a virtual currency only known to a small group of tech enthusiasts has become a household name around the world. But how did Bitcoin rise to such prominence? In today’s BitByte article, we’ll explore

On Friday, we discussed the risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), and why Bitcoin is a far safer and superior alternative.

The Real Risks Of A Central Bank Digital Currency
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has been a topic of discussion among policymakers and economists in recent years. CBDCs are digital versions of traditional currencies issued and backed by a central bank. They are still in their early stages of development and are being considered as a possible…

Then, to finish off this awesome week, we had a look at The Cypherpunks - who they were, what they did, and how the early Cypherpunk movement influenced Satoshi Nakamoto's creation of Bitcoin.

The Cypherpunks: Decoding Privacy and Security in the Digital Age
The digital age has brought numerous benefits and conveniences, but it has also made individuals vulnerable to cyber threats and surveillance. The need for privacy and security has become increasingly important. In response to this, a group of activists and technology enthusiasts known as the Cypher…

And that's all I have for today's Weekly Byte-Back Rewind!

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