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Now, let's dive into this week's Weekly Rewind!

This week, we posted 6 new articles, here is a brief rundown of them all:

We started this week off with an absolute banger - an interview with the founder of bitcoin.rocks. This was our most popular article for both this week & this month so far!

BitTalk: An Interview With The Founder of Bitcoin Rocks
We think Bitcoin Rocks, I am sure you do too & our guest for today’s BitTalk interview definitely believes that Bitcoin Rocks. So much so, that he created a website declaring it! Bitcoin.rocks is one of the coolest Bitcoin projects out today! Not only is it an online hub for

Then, we looked at the term "Hyperbitcoinization", what it means, why its important and how fiat is no longer a viable global currency.

Satoshi’s World: Hyperbitcoinization & the End of Fiat
The emergence of Bitcoin, the brainchild of the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, has sparked a financial revolution unlike any other in recent history. The rapid rise of Bitcoin adoption globally has led to the reality of the potential for hyperbitcoinization – a scenario where Bitcoin replaces tradit…

Following this, we dove into the art of HODLing, and provided a practical guide to long-term Bitcoin investing.

The Art of HODLing: A Guide to Long-Term Bitcoin Investing
As Bitcoin continues to gain traction as a viable long-term investment, more people are exploring the concept of “HODLing” – a term that originated from a typo in a Bitcoin forum post back in 2013. HODLing refers to the practice of holding onto Bitcoin for an extended period, with the expectation

My personal favorite BitByte article from this week was on Thursday, when we spoke about Hal Finney - his life, achievements, contribution to Bitcoin and his relationship with Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow: The Visionary Mind of Hal Finney
Among the many key players who have shaped the progress of Bitcoin, one name stands out: Hal Finney. A skilled cryptographer, computer scientist, and a pioneering figure in the Bitcoin community, Finney left an indelible mark on the development of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Today’s BitByte…

On Friday, we explored innovative use cases for the Lightning Network, beyond just payments.

Beyond Just Payments: Innovative Use Cases For Bitcoin Lightning
The Bitcoin Lightning Network, a second-layer scaling solution built on top of the original Bitcoin protocol, has been gaining significant traction in recent years. Its primary aim is to facilitate faster and cheaper transactions by leveraging payment channels and off-chain transactions, thus addres…

Then, to finish off this great week, we took a deep dive into the underlying technology behind Bitcoin - Blockchain.

Unlocking Bitcoin: Exploring Blockchain Technology
Bitcoin has become a household name, and while many people are aware of it as a digital currency, fewer understand the technology that underpins it. At its core, Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency that uses a groundbreaking technology called blockchain. Today’s BitByte article aims to pro…

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