I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Jared Nusinoff, Co-Founder & CEO of Mash.com - a Bitcoin business that allows creators to monetization their online content, receive donations from followers, receive micropayments instantly & SO much more!

Before we recorded this interview, I decided to put Mash's newest voting poll feature to the test! So, I jumped on Mash and literally created a BitByte voting poll in 10 minutes, it was seriously ridiculous how easy and quick it was to create.

Then, I headed to the BitByte Twitter account and asked our followers to head to the poll and zap some Sats to vote for which wacky interview question you wanted me to ask Jared. 3 days later, with 19 voters, and 83,301 Sats sent to vote - we got our results, Jared had to answer the question "Kiss, Marry, Kill - Adam Back, BTC Sessions, Knut Svanholm". To say Jared was dreading that question is in understatement - but, he answered it & it's hilarious!

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