Today's BitTalk interview is a very special one!

I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Bitcoin Evangelism author, Brian De Mint and chat about his journey as a Bitcoiner, his writing process of Bitcoin Evangelism, and his views on the current financial and economic climate globally.

Bitcoin Evangelism is that book you give to your non-Bitcoiner friend, as an easy-to-read and understand introduction to the digital currency. It is also an incredible resource for Bitcoiners at any stage in their knowledge too.

During our 1 hour long chat, Brian and I discussed his previous work before writing Bitcoin Evangelism, his unique perspective on Altcoins, and the 3 different types of Bitcoin Evangelism.

It was an absolute honor and privilege being able to learn from a Bitcoin Maxi that I personally hold in high regard. I hope you all enjoy watching this interview, and that you learn something you did not know before.

Video interviews are most definitely not my biggest strength and well out of my comfort zone. But, these are the types of things we have to do to continue orange-pilling the world around us.

To celebrate this interview & Brian's book, BitByte will be giving 5 lucky subscribers a paperback copy of Bitcoin Evangelism!

To enter, head to our twitter and check out the pinned post on our profile!

If you are after a copy of Bitcoin Evangelism, I obviously highly suggest it. Head to Amazon to grab a copy for yourself. The book is available in both paperback and hardcover, as well as in audio format on Audible, and digitally on Kindle.

At the price of a small coffee for the Kindle version, its not a difficult investment to make - and an extremely beneficial one.

Thank you to Brian, for making the time to speak with me and for being such an incredible and engaging first guest. I hope my Australian accent and nervous-paced speech wasn't too difficult to understand 😅

Be sure to follow Brian on Twitter, his content is high quality and he regularly gives away Sats (be sure to let him know Bailey from BitByte sent you 😉). Also, check out Brian's website, Freshly Minted Books.

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