We think Bitcoin Rocks, I am sure you do too & our guest for today's BitTalk interview definitely believes that Bitcoin Rocks. So much so, that he created a website declaring it!

Bitcoin.rocks is one of the coolest Bitcoin projects out today! Not only is it an online hub for free Bitcoin education & resources, they also offer free Bitcoin Sats for displaying their pro-Bitcoin stickers around your city!

All you do is head to bitcoin.rocks/stickers, add in your shipping address and BOOM, your free Bitcoin Rocks stickers are on their way to you. Once you receive your stickers, simply check the Bitcoin Rocks website or Twitter to see which bounty events are live, complete the bounty, post a photo of your sticker & claim your free Sats! It is seriously the easiest (and most fun) way to stack free Sats!

For today's BitTalk interview, we spoke with the founder of Bitcoin Rocks and discussed the history of this project, why Bitcoin matters & what is in the works for the future of Bitcoin Rocks. Let's dive in!

Firstly, provide an overview of Bitcoin Rocks and the services you offer.

Our mission is to orange pill the world! Our website bitcoin.rocks is a great website to send to friends and family who are new to Bitcoin. It highlights the ways Bitcoin is improving the world and counters common media FUD.

When did Bitcoin Rocks launch?

We launched at block 746,989 (July 2022).

How big is the team behind Bitcoin Rocks?

Right now, Bitcoin Rocks is just my passion project, so it’s mostly just me! However, I must give a huge shout out to our volunteer in Canada who fulfills all our free sticker orders. Thank you Joey!

What was your orange-pill moment?

My first orange pill moment was the Cyprus bail-in in 2013. The money of honest citizens was stolen overnight by a fraudulent banking system, and I knew there had to be a better way.

What do you love the most about Bitcoin?

I love that Bitcoin has the potential to fix so many of our world’s problems. Without Bitcoin, I would be incredibly depressed at the state of the world. With Bitcoin, I’m more optimistic than ever that the future will be bright.

What inspired you to start Bitcoin Rocks & how did you get started?

I built bitcoin.rocks because I needed a website to send to friends & family. It’s been a great orange pill resource for me to use personally, and I’m thrilled to see so many other people using it to orange pill too!

Explain how the Bitcoin Rocks sticker bounty program works.

It’s simple! Request free stickers from our website. Put them up in public. Send us a photo and you can win free sats (fractions of a Bitcoin). Each sticker has a QR code that links to an educational page about Bitcoin. Full details at bitcoin.rocks

Why stickers?

I’ve always been fascinated by street art, and stickers are an easy way to spread a message in public. They are also easy to mail in an envelope, and don’t cause any permanent damage.

Why do you think a website like Bitcoin Rocks is so important for the Bitcoin community?

The most important thing we can do to help Bitcoin adoption is educate others on the benefits of Bitcoin. It’s a whole lot easier to orange pill someone with bitcoin.rocks by letting them choose the categories that are most interesting to them, instead of trying to guess.

How many Sats would you estimate Bitcoin Rocks has given out in total from the sticker bounty program?

We’ve given away more than 20 million sats (0.2 BTC) in guaranteed prizes through our sticker bounties! We also give away 2.1 million sats (0.021 BTC) every month in our monthly sticker contest. The top prize each month is 1 million sats!

How has the response for Bitcoin Rocks been from the wider Bitcoin community?

The community response has been incredible. We could not do what we do without our amazing community! Everyone is so supportive and helps to spread our message far and wide.

How does Bitcoin Rocks stand out from other websites and services in the same industry?

We stand out with our simplicity! We’re not trying to overwhelm people who are new to Bitcoin, but simply get them to take the first step down the rabbit hole.

Can you discuss any notable moments or milestones in the history of Bitcoin Rocks?

I think the most notable moment so far has been waking up to see 800+ free sticker requests that came in overnight! Looking at our website analytics, it turned out that they came from a freebies website that has a long list of free stickers. It was a great opportunity to send our message to people who may not have studied Bitcoin before!

What are your plans for expanding Bitcoin Rocks in the future?

Our sticker program has been a way to orange pill other people in your community that you may not even know by leaving a sticker in public. Without revealing too much, I can say that we are working on a new way to help you orange pill people you already know! Stay tuned.

Can you discuss any challenges or obstacles you've faced while running Bitcoin Rocks?

The biggest challenge has just been finding reputable resources to list on our website. There’s a lot of noise out there about Bitcoin, and we’re trying to highlight the signal!

Can you share any upcoming promotions or new features that we can expect from Bitcoin Rocks in the near future?

We launch new sticker bounties frequently, so make sure you check out bitcoin.rocks/stickers often!

How do you see the future of the Bitcoin industry evolving?

I am hopeful that we will continue to see improvements in self-custody! The trend of Bitcoin being removed from exchanges is an incredibly important trend that I hope continues.

Any last comments?

If you want to get involved, check out our sticker campaign at bitcoin.rocks/stickers or just send bitcoin.rocks to a friend or family member today!

You can follow Bitcoin Rocks via their socials below:

Twitter @wowbitcoinrocks

Nostr @ npub18kpw3akvdsyk239lx0jgwksr74sq4nlha3r8u9g2rnrhztfpfhysy 469c4

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