Bitcoin Bookstore is a very easy to use, and detailed database of Bitcoin related books. If you are eager to expand your Bitcoin knowledge, or are looking for a gift for a Bitcoiner friend, Bitcoin Bookstore is an essential website to check out.

In today's first ever BitTalk, we interview Rimmert, the founder of Bitcoin Bookstore, and dive deeper into the history and motivation behind the creation of this online Bitcoin book hub.

Firstly, provide an overview of Bitcoin Bookstore & the products you offer.

💬 is an online database of books that are all about Bitcoin, or related to Bitcoin. It is purely a database with search filters and added functionality like available translations, resources, authors Twitter profiles, etc. The website doesn't offer any products directly, only affiliate links to Amazon to go buy the books.

When did Bitcoin Bookstore launch?

Blockheight 771486, so around the 11th of January 2023.

When did you first get involved in Bitcoin?

Early 2017, I became interested through my cousin and bought some. Complete newbie, so was also buying Altcoins and had no clue about the real differences.

What do you love the most about Bitcoin?

If I have to name just one thing, it has to be: Freedom money! It is absolutely amazing to me that a lot of people living under authoritarian regimes use it as a life raft. Of course that they are in a situation where they need Bitcoin is terrible, but I am hopeful that Bitcoin can also play a part in fixing that.

What inspired you to start Bitcoin Bookstore & how did you get started?

For I think around 2 years now, I was dreaming of earning a living through my passion, Bitcoin. But it’s not easy with my background. I was a constructional engineer, after that I worked in a beer brewery, and now I travel with my girlfriend and son through Europe in a motorhome. I wanted to start a new business around mainly web development, which can be done on the road. So, a website around Bitcoin was an easy step to make. Plus it’s a good way to educate myself in this profession and build a portfolio.

Why Bitcoin only for your products?

Because it is the only thing that matters. I am only interested in a replacement for our money, and there is no other one besides Bitcoin. The books on the website that are not about Bitcoin are still very related, and never about Altcoins.

What is your favorite Bitcoin book right now?

I really like ‘Ons geld is stuk’ (Our Money is Broken) by Bert and Peter Slagter, which is the only proper Bitcoin book in my language (Dutch). Besides that I am interested in 'Softwar', after hearing Jason on some podcasts and following his Tweets. However, this might be a little hard to read for a non-native English speaking person.

For a complete beginner in Bitcoin, which books would you suggest?

I probably would suggest 'The Bullish Case for Bitcoin', and for sure 'The Little Bitcoin Book', which I give people on their birthday, and is also available in a lot of languages.

How many languages are your books available in?

Currently there are 39 languages listed on the website.

How has the response been from the wider Bitcoin community?

The response has been positive, as far as there has been a response. Bitcoin Bookstore is pretty new, so people need to find the website first, and hopefully use it.

How does Bitcoin Bookstore stand out from other businesses in the same industry?

I hope to provide the most complete books database with convenient functionality where people can easily find their next Bitcoin book to read. Just books, nothing else.

What are your plans for expanding Bitcoin Bookstore in the future?

Add some more functionality, but would really love to offer people to pay for a book with Bitcoin. But since I don’t physically sell the books, I have to think about how to implement that.

Can you discuss any challenges or obstacles you've faced while running Bitcoin Bookstore?

Not much. Built the website myself from an idea, to design, to a live website. Worked out pretty nicely I think. I needed a little help with the dark mode feature on the website, and got that help from the same cousin that got me into Bitcoin, so that was really nice.

Can you share any upcoming promotions or new products that we can expect from Bitcoin Bookstore in the near future?

Will be adding books constantly. Plus everything that will come out in the future of course. Upcoming new books include '21 Ways' and 'A Progressive’s case for Bitcoin'.

How do you see the future of the Bitcoin industry evolving?

We live in exciting times! With the chaos that was 2022 around crypto. The difference between crypto and Bitcoin is still not clear for a lot of people, including politicians. Plus I think central banks are afraid of Bitcoin. But the Bitcoin industry will keep on building new and cool stuff faster than regulation can follow. Can’t wait to see where we are in a few years.

Thanks for allowing BitByte to interview you today! Do you have any last comments?

Thanks for the interview! I hope people new to Bitcoin and crypto will dive in and listen to podcasts and read some good books, and find out that really only Bitcoin counts.

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