I often sit back in amazement about the lack of Bitcoin adoption globally, particularly in the Western world. Obstensbily the people that live in the West typically have the most wealth, are the most educated, and have the longest life expectancy. For example, the average worker in America makes roughly $53k a year or $1,028 per week. The average European makes $32k when converted into USD.

When you factor in retirement savings, citizens in the West have a higher quality of life than 99.9 percent of people on the planet. Is it any wonder that people from the global south emigrate to the West? Putting the politics of immigration aside for a minute, these people have hopes and dreams for a better life just like anyone else.

They leave their home countries for various reasons, such as political violence, gang violence, lack of economic opportunity, and war. Regardless of the top-level reason, the root of the issue is fiat currency and how it is abused by corrupt and oppressive governments around the globe.

Every government in the world understands the power fiat currency has over the world and how they can use it to achieve their political goals. Is it even fair to assume that when you give a group of people the power to create a piece of paper out of thin air and acquire massive amounts of control over millions, they won't use it to their advantage?

This power is simply too irresistible to man. Ancient history has shown time and time again that man can not be trusted with the value of money. The Roman Empire is an excellent example of what happens when man succumbs to the siren song of devaluing currency.

The Romans minted a coin called the Denarius, was composed of 4.5 grams of pure silver. What gave the Denarius its value was the silver content and not a decree by the government. Unlike fiat currency that can be printed out of thin air, the Denarius had a limited supply, so the government could not spend more than it had in its possession.

The limited supply curtailed what the government wanted to fund, such as expeditionary wars and circuses. Sounds familiar?

The Romans found a clever way around this problem. They used the ancient version of the money printer go brrr.

They reduced the purity of the Denarius, allowing them to create more coins and put them into circulation. Naturally, you get price inflation when you make more currency than goods in the economy. Rome didn't collapse overnight due to this practice, but they signed their death warrant once they knew they could get away with it.

Fast forward to 2023, and the most extensive empire the world has ever known, the United States, is trodding down the same path the Romans did.

The United States government currently has $31 trillion in debt, with more debt piled on daily. Every man, woman, and child in the United States is on the hook for $95,278. Taxpayers are on the hook for $248,542! This is a wild number that I don't think anyone in America understands.

The US government spends more than it takes in taxes making the problem increasingly worse every year. The United States is in a debt spiral. The United States government has no mathematical way to pay off this debt. As the world's reserve currency, they HAVE to keep printing dollars to keep the global economy lubricated with dollars to conduct trade.

This is called Triffin's dilemma. If you understand this, you can see why it is not safe to hold US dollars or US-denominated debt long-term. There is only one logical choice to be made here.

Bitcoin Is Your Lifeboat

Thankfully we have a way to escape the impending doom of the fiat currency system that is rapidly approaching. Bitcoin is your lifeboat that you need to get on to save yourself and your family from economic ruin.

Owning Bitcoin can be the difference between maintaining or improving your standard of living versus eating scraps out of a trash can or restoring to committing crimes to sustain yourself.

Just because hyperinflation and monetary collapse haven't happened in the Western world recently doesn't mean it won't happen. On a long enough time scale, all fiat will collapse to zero. Why would you want to tempt fate when you can acquire a fraction of a Bitcoin for mere dollars?

I'm not saying you have to put your whole life savings into Bitcoin, but it would be cooler if you did :)  

As long as you have some of your wealth allocated to Bitcoin, you will be in better shape than your peers. When SHTF, you will want to have a liquid currency with value.

Bitcoin is the best money ever created and, once and for all takes away man's ability to tamper with the value of money. Bitcoin is a revolutionary monetary technology that will change humanity's fate for the rest of time.

All you have to do now is buy and HODL. Become part of the HODL army today and secure your wealth for future generations.

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