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Welcome to the April Monthly BitByte Buzz Round-Up.

April was a huge month for us here at BitByte, with some great articles and interviews!

Let's dive into our top 10 favorite and most popular articles from the past month.

1) Up first, we have our popular article on how Bitcoin was created as a form of P2P decentralized currency, and should be used as such.

Bitcoin Was Created To Be Spent
In recent years, Bitcoin has gained popularity as a form of investment, and rightfully so. However, its potential as a currency is often overlooked. With the increasing digitization of our lives, the need for secure and decentralized payment options has become more apparent. Bitcoin has the potentia…

2) Our list of 10 must-read books every Bitcoiner should read.

10 Must-Read Bitcoin Books
As Bitcoiners, we strive to expand our knowledge of the decentralized currency when we can. Reading Bitcoin-related books is one of the best ways to increase your understanding of Bitcoin, the current fiat system, and how Bitcoin is a better option as a global currency. Below are 10 popular Bitcoin

3) In this article, we explored Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), and explained why they are a massive risk to your financial freedom.

The Real Risks Of A Central Bank Digital Currency
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has been a topic of discussion among policymakers and economists in recent years. CBDCs are digital versions of traditional currencies issued and backed by a central bank. They are still in their early stages of development and are being considered as a possible…

4) For the hardcore Cyphers - this article dives into the history of the Cypherpunks, and explores their influence of Bitcoin and digital privacy.

The Cypherpunks: Decoding Privacy and Security in the Digital Age
The digital age has brought numerous benefits and conveniences, but it has also made individuals vulnerable to cyber threats and surveillance. The need for privacy and security has become increasingly important. In response to this, a group of activists and technology enthusiasts known as the Cypher…

5) A really fun interview with the founder of Bitcoin Rocks. We discussed his motivation behind the project and his future plans for expanding free Bitcoin education worldwide.

BitTalk: An Interview With The Founder of Bitcoin Rocks
We think Bitcoin Rocks, I am sure you do too & our guest for today’s BitTalk interview definitely believes that Bitcoin Rocks. So much so, that he created a website declaring it! Bitcoin.rocks is one of the coolest Bitcoin projects out today! Not only is it an online hub for

6) A tribute to the greatest Bitcoin Maxi - Hal Finney. We looked at his life, achievements, relationship with Satoshi Nakamoto, and his influence on Bitcoin adoption.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow: The Visionary Mind of Hal Finney
Among the many key players who have shaped the progress of Bitcoin, one name stands out: Hal Finney. A skilled cryptographer, computer scientist, and a pioneering figure in the Bitcoin community, Finney left an indelible mark on the development of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Today’s BitByte…

7) In this article, we looked at Lightning Node machines, what your options are for buying pre-buit machines, and how to build your own.

Node Runner: Top 5 Lightning Network Node Machines
The Lightning Network has emerged as a breakthrough solution to the scaling issues faced by the Bitcoin blockchain. Acting as a second layer on top of the Bitcoin network, the Lightning Network enables fast, low-cost, and increased private transactions. For those wanting to take the next step in th…

8) Following this, we posted an article on Bitcoin mining - explaining how it works and why it is so important.

Bitcoin Mining: How It Works & Why It Matters
In today’s digital age, Bitcoin stands out as the pioneer and most well-known digital currency. One of the most important aspects of Bitcoin is the process of mining, which is integral to its security and functionality. Today’s BitByte article will delve into the intricacies of Bitcoin mining, expl…

9) Another favorite among readers, in this article we listed the top 5 Bitcoin podcasts we love.

5 Must-Listen To Bitcoin Podcasts In 2023
In the rapidly evolving world of Bitcoin, staying informed about the latest trends, innovations, and news is a must for any Bitcoin Maxi. Podcasts have emerged as an accessible and convenient way to consume information and insights about the world of Bitcoin, offering listeners in-depth analysis, e…

10) And then finally, our most popular BitByte post EVER! This was a truly special BitTalk interview with Brian De Mint, author of Bitcoin Evangelism. Unlike our previous BitTalk interviews, this one was filmed and posted on YouTube as a 1 hour long video interview.

You can watch the entire interview on YouTube here:

BitTalk: The Issue With Fiat, Bitcoin’s Future & Bitcoin Evangelism w/ Brian De Mint
Today’s BitTalk interview is a very special one! I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Bitcoin Evangelism author, Brian De Mint and chat about his journey as a Bitcoiner, his writing process of Bitcoin Evangelism, and his views on the current financial and economic climate globally. Bi…

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