Bailey Jakob

Bailey Jakob

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Bitcoin Enthusiast & Serial Entrepreneur. Founder of BitByte News, Mr. Satoshi, and The Bitcoin Legacy Project. Author of Orange Pill'd.

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Bailey Jakob

Top 5 Economic Theories That Support Bitcoin's Success

🎉Welcome back to BitByte! Over the last two months, we have been hard at work improving the BitByte platform & have brought on 10 new writers who are all passionate about Bitcoin's mission and sharing it with the BitByte community with daily byte-sized articles. Bitcoin began as an obscure idea and...

Bailey Jakob

BitTalk: An Interview With The Founder of Bitcoiner Bio

Till Musshoff is the creator and Founder of Bitcoiner Bio - the only link-in-bio website, exclusively for Bitcoiners. (If you haven't signed up yet and made your own Bitcoiner Bio profile - what are you doing?! Go make one ASAP) Till also runs a YouTube channel where he regularly posts...

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