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I am Bailey Jakob, a Bitcoin Enthusiast and owner of BitByte & Mr. Satoshi - a premium Bitcoin apparel online store.

BitByte is a 100% community-funded online hub for Bitcoiners to access free daily byte-sized education, news, guides, interviews & reviews, all centered around the only cryptocurrency worth owning, Bitcoin.

All the posts on this site are byte-sized, and only take a few minutes to read.

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A Bit About Me

I am 25 years old, Australian-born, have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and a Diploma in Mortgage Broking & Finance. I am a serial entrepreneur, and have founded and owned a number of successful (and not so successful) physical and online businesses.

My Bitcoin Story

I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2015, when I was 17 years old. I came across an online post about it, and after researching it more, I was hooked. At the time, I was still in high school and working part-time at McDonalds. However, I did manage to accumulate a small amount of Bitcoin at that stage, which I sold 2 years later.

Between 2017 and 2021, I mostly invested in Altcoins, and had relatively decent returns from this. In 2021, I again was exposed to Bitcoin on social media, and began diving back into it. This is when I realised Bitcoin is truly the only cryptocurrency worth owning, and began investing regularly into it again.

In December 2022, when Bitcoin was priced at $17K USD, I sold an investment property and made the decision to put 100% of the profits from that into Bitcoin.

Now, I DCA Bitcoin daily, store it in cold storage, and forget about it.

The Purpose Of BitByte

Since beginning using it in November 2022, my personal Twitter account has grown in followers. I have met some of the greatest people on there, and love contributing and being a part of the Twitter Bitcoin community.

On Twitter, I have really enjoyed posting Bitcoin-based educational and opinion pieces, and love engaging with other Bitcoiners in the comments. So, naturally, I decided that a blog-type website would allow me to expand on this in a longer word form (and without spamming people on Twitter with too many posts).

BitByte isn't designed to be another business, it is a completely free site, and more of a personal project to do my part in orange-pilling the world.

The blog posts on BitByte will exclusively be Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning based, with a focus on educational pieces, as well as guides, opinions, news, and interviews with other Bitcoin entrepreneurs and business owners.

Although 100% free to view and read, you do have the ability to donate any amount of Sats to support me and this project, if you like.

Final Thoughts

I am extremely excited to launch BitByte and see how it grows in the future. I can't wait to engage with readers, and create Bitcoin content that provides a positive tool for other Bitcoiners online.

Obviously, none of the blog posts or information on BitByte is financial advice. I am not a financial expert, just a lover of all things Bitcoin. Do your own research, and make informed decisions.

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