In a previous post, we looked at 10 Bitcoin Maxis to follow on Twitter - this list included 10 Bitcoiner "celebrities", which are definitely a must to follow. However, today's BitByte article is going to look at 5 more Bitcoiners to follow on Twitter, that aren't so high-profile but still provide valuable insights and resources into Bitcoin.

You can check out our previous post below:

10 Bitcoin Maxis To Follow On Twitter
A Bitcoin Maximalist (Bitcoin Maxi) is a term used to describe someone who is an extreme advocate for Bitcoin and believes that it is the only cryptocurrency worth investing in or using. The below Bitcoin Maxis are known for their unwavering support of Bitcoin and their belief in its superiority

Till Musshoff (@tillmusshoff)

Till is a Bitcoiner who is creating some next level things in the Bitcoin space. He is the creator of, and also runs his own YouTube channel, where he creates extremely high quality and valuable Bitcoin, tech, and AI-based videos.

Love Is Bitcoin (@loveisbitcoin21)

Love is Bitcoin is probably the funniest Bitcoin account to follow. Their website is home to their digital magazine, where they post daily Bitcoin-centered articles. Love is Bitcoin also just announced their upcoming podcast, which will be a must-listen to! Follow them on Twitter and YouTube to stay up-to-date on all the interesting stuff they're working on.

Ian Major (@Ian__Major)

Ian is one of the smartest Bitcoiners I know. Seriously, his ability to understand complex topics and explain them in simple terms is his biggest strength. Ian is also co-founder of Joltz Rewards, and runs his own YouTube channel, where he posts weekly videos of him explaining current themes and trends in the Bitcoin space, as well as regular interviews with some awesome Bitcoin business owners.

If you want to learn more about blockchain technology, the ongoing developments in Bitcoin, or just want to deepen your knowledge - Ian is a Bitcoiner you must follow!

Joe Hall (@JoeNakamoto)

Joe is a journalist at Cointelegraph, and regularly posts on his YouTube channel - where he hands out free Sats to random people in the streets. His Twitter is a valuable resource for all things Bitcoin and Lightning related.

We recently did a BitTalk interview with Joe, if you want to learn more about Joe and the valuable insights he has on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, definitely check that video out!

BitTalk: Bitcoin Lightning, Ordinals, Paying With BTC & Bitcoin Adoption In El Salvador w/ Joe Hall
I had a great time speaking with Joe Hall, a Journalist at Cointelegraph and a passionate Bitcoiner who is expanding Bitcoin adoption through his YouTube videos of him introducing others to the Lightning Network on the streets of different cities around the world! Follow Joe on Twitter https://tw…

Brian De Mint (@brianthemint)

A true legend in the Bitcoin space, Brian is the author of Amazon Best Selling book, Bitcoin Evangelism. Brian's Twitter offers a valuable opinion on Bitcoin and current events. Brian also regularly gives away Sats on his Twitter - so for those readers who love some free Sats, Brian is the Bitcoiner to follow.

Brian is also Head of Marketing at Orange Pill App - which side note, is the coolest Bitcoiner social media app. If you aren't on it yet, what are you doing? All the best Bitcoiners (including me), are on there. Download the app, sign-up & send me a message on OPA!

We also did a BitTalk interview with Brian, which has been our most popular post ever! The 1 hour long video is a must watch if you want to deepen your Bitcoin knowledge.

BitTalk: The Issue With Fiat, Bitcoin’s Future & Bitcoin Evangelism w/ Brian De Mint
Today’s BitTalk interview is a very special one! I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Bitcoin Evangelism author, Brian De Mint and chat about his journey as a Bitcoiner, his writing process of Bitcoin Evangelism, and his views on the current financial and economic climate globally. Bi…

So, there you go! 5 Bitcoiners for you to follow on Twitter to deepen your Bitcoin knowledge and to keep up-to-date on all the cool things happening around the space. These 5 Bitcoiners are all actively working on some incredible and important things in the Bitcoin community. Follow them and support their work and projects!

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