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In April, I posted a Tweet asking my followers to submit their Orange Pill story in exchange for 1,000 Sats. I did not mention what the project was for - only that the submitted Orange Pilled stories would be used in a future project and publication.

Over 3 weeks, I recevied 538 submissions, from 72 countries, and paid out 538,000 Sats. I then spent the next couple of weeks reading every single story submitted, and organizing them into categories. Then, I chose 250 of those stories and compiled them into a physical book called "Orange Pill'd".

What is Orange Pill'd Exactly?

Orange Pill'd is a captivating exploration of the human experience in the digital age. It is a powerful anthology that brings together 250 Orange Pilled stories from Bitcoiners around the world, revealing the transformative impact of the world's most revolutionary digital currency, Bitcoin.

From tales of financial freedom and empowerment to accounts of challenges and personal growth, Orange Pill'd takes you on a journey through the lives of individuals who have been forever changed by their encounters with Bitcoin. Each story is presented on a single page, accompanied by a hand-drawn illustration that adds an intimate, diary-like feel to the collection.

Discover how Bitcoin has sparked a global movement, uniting people from diverse backgrounds and experiences in their quest for a more decentralized, transparent, and equitable financial system. With a mix of inspiring, heartwarming, and thought-provoking stories, Orange Pill'd offers a unique window into the hearts and minds of those who have dared to embrace the promise of a better future.

Whether you are a seasoned Bitcoin enthusiast or a complete beginner, Orange Pill'd invites you to delve into the personal narratives that define this groundbreaking movement and to share in the triumphs, challenges, and dreams of those who have been Orange Pill'd.

You can learn more about & pre-order "Orange Pill'd" via the link below.
Orange Pill’d Book
250 Stories. 72 Countries. 1 Revolution.

Okay, let's get into the fun stuff! Below are 10 Orange Pill stories from 10 different real Bitcoiners from around the world. All of these stories are pages taken from my book "Orange Pill'd".

1) Bank Buster - Juli, 25. Colombia.

2) Twitter Giveaways To Orange Pill People. Jess, 22. Italy.

3) Getting Paid In BTC. Abe, 22. Uruguay.

4) What Is Money? Dan, 40. Australia.

5) Dinner & Decentralization. Oli, 22. Togo.

6) From Scammed to Self-Sovereign. Filan, 23. Indonesia.

7) The Musk Effect. Huli, 30. India.

8) Locked In To Bitcoin. Nathan, 38. United States.

9) Micro-tasks for Micro-sats. Vrish, 21. India.

10) Bitcoin To The Muun. Goti, 21. Argentina.

And there you go! I hope you enjoyed that short glimpse into my upcoming book "Orange Pill'd" - out July 31.

If you want to read more - including the Introduction and About This Project chapters of the book - head to the below site to have a read for free!

Orange Pill’d Book Free Sample - 28 Pages
This is a free sample preview of my new book ’Orange Pill’d - out July 31, 2023. This is a sample of 28 pages of the 269 page book. To pre-order the complete book, head to orangepilldbook.com

You can pre-order Orange Pill'd online & get a 30% discount. You are also able to pay with Bitcoin, Lightning or dirty fiat (but pay with BTC, it's way more fun)!

If you do pre-order a copy for yourself, you will automatically go into the draw to win a share in $3,000 USD! You can read more on this awesome giveaway by clicking the below image.

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